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White paper: Proactive COB strategies

Cost avoidance is more than just a way for Medicare Advantage plans to improve their bottom line; it gives them a competitive edge in a crowded market.

White paper: Transforming subrogation operations with data, technology, and analytics

The advancement of SaaS subrogation case management technologies, along with powerful analytics, has transformed the way in-house healthcare subrogation organizations can proactively manage subrogation with more information, automation, and visibility into the whole process. This white paper explores three ways SaaS subrogation solutions enable health plans to increase recoveries in less time and at lower cost.

White paper: Innovations in payment integrity for healthcare payers

Data mining, business intelligence, and analytics are at the core of today's most successful payment integrity strategies Today’s most successful payment integrity solutions are information-driven and automate many processes that are otherwise manual and time-consuming. By combining advanced technology such as data mining and cloud computing, with information analytics and improved business processes, this new generation of “intelligent”