Subrogation ebook 2014

Best practices for maximum results With the right strategies in place, increased subrogation recoveries are within any health plan’s reach. A health plan’s successful recovery of injury-related claims depends upon a fine-tuned and optimized subrogation process. Additionally, it’s important that plans continue to manage all areas of recovery, including emerging opportunities like Mass Tort, which,

Business Case: the SaaS [r]evolution in healthcare recovery

A sea of change is happening in healthcare cost management.  Recovery specialists say many issues are hampering their programs—legacy systems based on antiquated technology, lack of integration among information sources, inflexible reporting, partially automated claims recovery processes, passive case management, lack of visibility. At the forefront of new technologies rapidly changing healthcare recovery is Software-as-a-service

Whitepaper: dependent eligibility verification

8 reasons why it makes more sense than ever   There’s a strong business case for periodic verification of eligible dependents — perhaps even more so in the wake of healthcare reform.  Our perspective paper, “Dependent Eligibility Verification: 8 Reasons Why It Makes More Sense Than Ever,” documents the many reasons why a dependent eligibility audit