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Thriving during unsettling times

Heather Rodemann, VP of Subrogation Operations, reflects on a January 2020 interview and offers a video update of how she continues to thrive amid COVID-19 and these unsettling times.

Food for thought—an ingredient for good health

Discovery’s Wellness Committee ambassador Jim Heffernan shares healthy snack alternatives in the third post of this special series to celebrate the month of May as Global Employee Health and Fitness Month.

The body issue—because we all have one

Discovery’s Wellness Committee ambassador combats workout excuses that come with working from home in the second of a special series of posts to celebrate the month of May as Global Employee Health and Fitness Month.

Find the funny—laughter’s healing power

Discovery’s Wellness Committee ambassador explores laughter’s healing power in the first of a special series of posts to celebrate the month of May as Global Employee Health and Fitness Month.

Enhancing premium restoration in four steps

Find out which four steps you can take to capture underpaid premiums and ensure accurate premium payments going forward for your Medicare Advantage members.

Fixing payment integrity at the source

Find out how eligibility management plays a role in maximizing recovery opportunities, improving cost avoidance strategies, and creating premium restoration possibilities.

A year in review: top blogs from 2019

The new year is upon us and with it comes a new decade. Need to catch up on Discovery Health Partners happenings? Read highlights from our most popular blogs of 2019 to remind you what we’ve been up to all year.

Three ways to tackle the high cost of waste

Administrative complexity continues to drive the high level of waste in healthcare. Learn how to reduce improper payments with an optimized payment integrity approach that blends advanced analytics with human expertise.

Three ways to modernize your COB approach

Traditional COB processes are manual and error-prone. Learn how new technologies can help your plan transition from cost recovery to cost avoidance.

How to wake up from subrogation nightmares

Ever feel like you’re living through “A Nightmare on Subro Street?” Healthcare subrogation can be terrifying! Health plans are “afraid…very afraid” of what high costs and low settlements do to their bottom line. Read our spooktacular blog post on turning your subro tricks into bottom-line treats.

4 ways technology is shaping the future of COB

The future of healthcare coordination of benefits might not be as exciting as humans living on Mars or Oprah for president, but there are some interesting things happening in COB that are changing the way health plans approach this age-old process.

4 integration points to keep in mind with your COB vendor

When selecting a COB vendor, health plans are most interested in partnering with experts whose solutions deliver considerable incremental recovery opportunities with minimal disruption to their existing operations. Read our blog to see the most common integration points of alignment between supplemental COB and health plans’ internal efforts.

Four tips for balancing the effects of Medicare Secondary Payer

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) is a multi-pronged issue for Medicare Advantage plans. If plans aren’t monitoring the effects of MSP on medical and pharmacy claims as well as premiums from CMS, they could be hurting their bottom line—to the tune of millions of dollars. MSP also introduces compliance responsibilities that plans must regard or else

5 Key roles your company needs for data analytics success

What roles are necessary in your healthcare organization for successful application of your data analytics? Whatever the size, culture and maturity level of your company, I believe there are five key functions your organization needs to develop models that can help drive solutions to real-world problems.