Our solution

Discovery’s healthcare Subrogation solution increases recoveries, enhances the member experience, and provides payers with complete transparency and insight into program status and performance.

Driven by advanced technologies including data mining, analytics, and machine learning, our Subrogation solution focuses on finding, prioritizing, and verifying the right cases for recovery and minimizing interactions with members. Our technology- and data-driven approach, combined with a focus on customer service and deep recovery expertise, is what sets us apart from traditional subrogation solutions.

  • Accurately identify the right cases with a data-driven approach
  • Increase recoveries with proactive, member-sensitive methods
  • Improve settlements with expert legal oversight
  • Avoid paying claims that are the liability of a third party


We leverage every possible data source to identify subrogation cases quickly and accurately and minimize member contact


From our Discovery Case Manager to dashboards and reports, we rely on technology to improve process, transparency, and security


Our legal and recovery teams are skilled in subrogation techniques and negotiation tactics. They work tirelessly to recoup dollars on your behalf


We have perfected processes and procedures that drive consistent results and superior quality audit scores

Proactive cost avoidance and recovery

PRE-PAYMENT cost avoidance

Multiple sources of data, combined with advanced data integration, data mining, and machine learning algorithms, can inform pre-payment decisions


Identify paid claims that may be the responsibility of a third party and engage the subrogation process from validation through settlement

Subrogation your way


Discovery manages your subrogation process beginning to end. We identify, investigate, negotiate, recover, and remit claims payments on your behalf


Use our web-based Discovery Case Manager to proactively manage your subrogation program internally on a pay-as-you-go model


Strategically outsource part of your subrogation inventory to our team and work the cases you want to manage internally, using our Discovery Case Manager

Discovery Case Manager

You’ll get 24×7 transparency of your subrogation inventory and program performance with our HITRUST CSF® certified Discovery Case Manager.

This web-based application guides the case investigation and recovery process, maintains a record of all activity and correspondence, and provides complete visibility of your subrogation program. Whether you have 50,000 or 500,000 members, Discovery Case Manager is used for:

  • Fast access to high-level and detailed case data
  • Embedded diary management for timely case follow-up
  • Workflow and work queues for work distribution and case assignment
  • Generating outgoing letters and uploading incoming letters and viewing letter detail
  • Capturing information about relevant parties, including insurers, providers, and attorneys

Solution features

  • Our experienced in-house legal team provides oversight and case support, including mass tort claims
  • Our contact center is staffed 12 hours per day to handle member responses and questions
  • Our quality/audit program evaluates performance on all investigations and settlements
  • Our dedicated account management team ensures a smooth implementation and ongoing delivery excellence

Our technology

Discovery’s solutions are built on the Healthcare Analytics Platform, integrating powerful data, analytics, and business process capabilities.

HIPAA compliant

Advanced analytics

Industry-leading security

Insightful reporting

Cloud-based platform

Automated workflow

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