Our solution

Discovery Health Partners’ Subrogation solution uses powerful technology and processes to deliver better results. We help our clients improve subrogation recoveries through more accurate case identification and optimized workflows.

Our Subrogation solution integrates the complete ICD-10 data set, along with external data sources, and then uses multi-factor data mining to pinpoint opportunities for recovery. Case management software guides the recovery process, and dashboards provide visibility and insight into program performance.

  • Accurately identify the right cases
  • Increase efficiencies and recoveries
  • Monitor results with performance metrics and dashboards

Our results


increase in subrogation recoveries
with Discovery Health Partners

Our technology

Discovery’s solutions are built on the Healthcare Analytics Platform, integrating powerful data, analytics, and business process capabilities.

HIPAA compliant

Advanced analytics

Industry-leading security

Insightful reporting

Cloud-based platform

Automated workflow

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Subrogation overview

Discovery Health Partners’ Subrogation solution leverages the powerful technology and optimized processes of our Healthcare Analytics Platform to deliver stronger results than traditional subrogation approaches.

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