Three ways to tackle the high cost of waste

Administrative complexity continues to drive the high level of waste in healthcare. Learn how to reduce improper payments with an optimized payment integrity approach that blends advanced analytics with human expertise.

How to wake up from subrogation nightmares

Ever feel like you’re living through “A Nightmare on Subro Street?” Healthcare subrogation can be terrifying! Health plans are “afraid…very afraid” of what high costs and low settlements do to their bottom line. Read our spooktacular blog post on turning your subro tricks into bottom-line treats.

Webinar: 2017 Trends in healthcare payment integrity

Managing costs is the fundamental challenge facing all health plans today, and payment integrity is at the heart of this issue. In this exclusive webinar on demand, payment integrity experts Paul Vosters and David Grice discuss the eight major payment integrity trends that have emerged in 2017 and offer recommendations for health plans that want to capitalize on those trends.

Webinar: Next-generation subrogation solutions

During this exclusive webinar, you’ll learn how new technologies can provide full transparency into your subrogation program and improve your plan’s performance.