Webinar: 2017 Trends in healthcare payment integrity

Managing costs is the fundamental challenge facing all health plans today, and payment integrity is at the heart of this issue. In this exclusive webinar on demand, payment integrity experts Paul Vosters and David Grice discuss the eight major payment integrity trends that have emerged in 2017 and offer recommendations for health plans that want to capitalize on those trends.

Case study: Payment integrity success for healthcare payers

Next-generation solutions, combined with greater transparency, allow Discovery Health Partners to build trust while delivering optimal results. See how we helped several health plans optimize their process and add millions to their bottom lines:

Checklist: 5 Tips to evaluate revenue loss due to Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) gaps

The potential underpayment of millions of dollars in Medicare Advantage premiums is serious — particularly for executives, directors and managers. To help you determine whether your MSP program is need of immediate optimization, our MSP experts have developed this executive checklist focusing on the five key issues Medicare Advantage plan directors must examine.

Case study: how MSP solutions restored millions of underpaid premiums for 3 Medicare Advantage plans

By identifying potential improvements, implementing best practices training, and correcting CMS eligibility, three health plans not only achieved impressive results in just the first 120 days. They were also able to ensure that their Medicare Advantage premiums are maximized each month going forward, leading to continued long-term improvements to revenue.