Data Mining FAQs

Answers to some of the common questions we get from health plans as they look to build or expand data mining capabilities for their organizations.

Fixing payment integrity at the source

Find out how eligibility management plays a role in maximizing recovery opportunities, improving cost avoidance strategies, and creating premium restoration possibilities.

Three ways to tackle the high cost of waste

Administrative complexity continues to drive the high level of waste in healthcare. Learn how to reduce improper payments with an optimized payment integrity approach that blends advanced analytics with human expertise.

White paper: Innovations in payment integrity for healthcare payers

Data mining, business intelligence, and analytics are at the core of today's most successful payment integrity strategies Today’s most successful payment integrity solutions are information-driven and automate many processes that are otherwise manual and time-consuming. By combining advanced technology such as data mining and cloud computing, with information analytics and improved business processes, this new generation of “intelligent”