Three ways to tackle the high cost of waste

Administrative complexity continues to drive the high level of waste in healthcare. Learn how to reduce improper payments with an optimized payment integrity approach that blends advanced analytics with human expertise.

Three ways to modernize your COB approach

Traditional COB processes are manual and error-prone. Learn how new technologies can help your plan transition from cost recovery to cost avoidance.

eBook: The modern guide to COB

The number of health plan members that have other health insurance keeps increasing. Are your methods for verifying eligibility and insurance information keeping up? Learn how to modernize your COB efforts and transition from recoveries to cost avoidance.

Case study: Coordination of Benefits (COB) for healthcare payers

As these three cases demonstrate, the Discovery Coordination of Benefits solution was designed specifically to address critical COB challenges, with an emphasis on flexible delivery models that support our clients’ unique requirements.

White paper: Proactive COB strategies

Cost avoidance is more than just a way for Medicare Advantage plans to improve their bottom line; it gives them a competitive edge in a crowded market.

4 ways technology is shaping the future of COB

The future of healthcare coordination of benefits might not be as exciting as humans living on Mars or Oprah for president, but there are some interesting things happening in COB that are changing the way health plans approach this age-old process.

Video: Drive stronger results with technology-enabled COB

How do you take your Coordination of Benefits to the next level? A technology-enabled approach to COB can help identify additional opportunities to save and recover while minimizing member and provider abrasion.

4 integration points to keep in mind with your COB vendor

When selecting a COB vendor, health plans are most interested in partnering with experts whose solutions deliver considerable incremental recovery opportunities with minimal disruption to their existing operations. Read our blog to see the most common integration points of alignment between supplemental COB and health plans’ internal efforts.