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Case studies

Case study: Healthcare Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Case study: Coordination of Benefits (COB) for healthcare payers

As these three cases demonstrate, the Discovery Coordination of Benefits solution was designed specifically to address critical COB challenges, with an emphasis on flexible delivery models that support our clients’ unique requirements.


Restoring millions for your Medicare Advantage plan

eBook: Restoring millions for your Medicare Advantage plan

The Medicare Advantage landscape is complex and requires the right people, processes, and technology to ensure accurate premium payments. Learn how which actionable steps your plan can take to capture underpaid premiums.

How to get ahead: Modernize your COB approach

eBook: The modern guide to COB

The number of health plan members that have other health insurance keeps increasing. Are your methods for verifying eligibility and insurance information keeping up? Learn how to modernize your COB efforts and transition from recoveries to cost avoidance.

White Papers

Infographic: Three reasons health plans should evaluate claims payment integrity at an enterprise level

White paper: Proactive COB strategies

Cost avoidance is more than just a way for Medicare Advantage plans to improve their bottom line; it gives them a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Three ways Software-as-a-Service improves subrogation recovery results in less time and at a lower cost

White paper: Transforming subrogation operations with data, technology, and analytics

The advancement of SaaS subrogation case management technologies, along with powerful analytics, has transformed the way in-house healthcare subrogation organizations can proactively manage subrogation with more information, automation, and visibility into the whole process. This white paper explores three ways SaaS subrogation solutions enable health plans to increase recoveries in less time and at lower cost.


Webinar: Restoring unpaid CMS premiums for members with ESRD

Webinar: Restoring underpaid CMS premiums for members with ESRD

The process of identifying and restoring underpaid ESRD premiums is time-consuming and complex. This can stand in the way of maximizing the premiums you deserve for your membership with ESRD. View this on-demand webinar to learn more.


Infographic: 5 Trends in healthcare COB

Infographic: Five trends in healthcare Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Healthcare coordination of benefits has been a relatively unchanged process in health plans for many years, but advances in data management, analytics, cloud-based software, and digital communications are causing some interesting trends to take shape in the COB world.

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