Checklist: 5 Subrogation best practices for New York payers

A 5-part checklist for better visibility and bigger recoveries

New York’s subrogation laws create special challenges for healthcare subrogation programs. Successful subrogation in the Empire State requires experience and expertise to maximize recoveries – while still complying with all applicable regulations and restrictions.For example, New York’s NY anti-subrogation law prohibits insurers from subrogating or seeking reimbursement from personal injury settlements or awards. However, there are important exceptions available for certain types of coverages and plans.

Discovery Health Partners knows New York subrogation and has already been helping New York health plans identify and recover the most from their subrogation opportunities.

For your New York subrogation needs, Discovery Health Partners delivers what your program needs:

  • Experience – we know how to maximize subrogation recoveries, and we have the track record to prove it. We recently assisted a Northeastern health plan recover $2.3 million in its first year alone.
  • Technology – by leveraging the most current technology and automated systems, we improve efficiency, accuracy, and case management at every stage of the subrogation process.
  • Transparency – instead of hiding behind black boxes, our real-time dashboards allow health plans to monitor key performance metrics and have the data they need to make the best decisions.

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Discovery Health PartnersChecklist: 5 Subrogation best practices for New York healthcare payers