Calculator: MSP premium restoration estimator

Calculator: Estimate your potential Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) premium restoration

Estimate how much Medicare Advantage premiums you can restore with MSP validation

On average, 4 percent of Medicare Advantage membership has open MSP records and 50 percent of those records have premium restoration potential. For many plans, this translates to millions of dollars in lost revenue.Use our estimator below to find out how much you could expect to restore in underpaid premiums, based on the size of your membership and your plan’s location.

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If your plan is not restoring this level of premium revenue or if you’d like to receive specific projections for your Medicare Advantage plan, click here to schedule an immediate consultation today or call 1-866-781-0723.

Additional Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) resources

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Discovery Health PartnersCalculator: MSP premium restoration estimator