Medicare Advantage Member Accounting and Reconciliation conference

Date: January 26-27, 2015

Location: Fort Myers, FL

The processing of Medicare Advantage (MA) reimbursements is complex and can be frustrating for many plans, not the least because many trends and concepts are still developing. This conference features industry experts, including Discovery Health Partners’ Laura Cohen, providing their insights into best practices for MA reconciliation, recovery, and revenue management, as well as the evolving regulatory landscape.

If you’re planning on attending this Healthcare Education Associates (HEA) event, we invite you to stop by our booth and learn how we help top health care plans with cost containment and recovery efforts, including Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) validation and premium restoration. And don’t forget to catch Laura Cohn, our MSP expert, during her educational presentation.





Discovery Health PartnersMedicare Advantage Member Accounting and Reconciliation conference