Discovery announces mass tort identification and recovery solution

Mass Tort Identification and Recovery Solution for Health Payers

Sep. 16, 2014 — Discovery Health Partners today announced it is offering a mass tort identification and recovery solution, part of the Discovery Subrogration suite of solutions, for its health insurance customers.  Health payers often struggle to identify and recover funds associated with mass tort litigation, resulting in potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue.  The new Mass Tort solution gives payers a more proactive and systematic approach to mass tort identification and recoveries through a combination of technology, analytics, and legal expertise.

“Our customers are under increasing pressure to minimize waste and to become more efficient.  Proper identification and recovery of mass tort events can result in millions of dollars recovered,” said Paul Vosters, president and chief operating officer for Discovery Health Partners.  “The complex and varying nature of mass torts requires a mix of sophisticated data mining technologies and legal expertise that we believe is unique to Discovery Health Partners.”

Mass tort identification and settlement recoveries present special challenges for payers.  In a typical scenario, a plan member sustains an injury by a medical device or complications from a drug with harmful effects.  The member would settle the claim as one of numerous plaintiffs, but how does a plan go about identifying the injury and recovering claims payments?  The Discovery Mass Tort identification and recovery solution helps the payer:

  • Evaluate the total opportunity for mass tort recoveries. In some cases, a significant number of health plan members may be eligible for compensation, and the health plan would be able to recover millions in claims payments.
  • Identify cases for mass tort recoveries by deploying powerful data mining and analytics technology to analyze claims data and other medical data sources
  • Combine legal expertise with technology to navigate the complex legal processes and jurisdictions associated with mass tort identification and recoveries
  • Automate the case management process and provide visibility into trends, exceptions, outliers and performance indicators through reporting of key metrics such as diagnosis and procedure codes, case type, current status and recoveries
  • Take advantage of industry best practices for mass tort recoveries based on Discovery Health Partners’ implementations with a number of other payers, including one of the top five largest health insurance plans in the country

Discovery Mass Tort leverages the Discovery Payment Integrity Platform for data integration, identification, case management, and reporting.  For additional information regarding mass tort recoveries or to learn about Discovery Health Partners’ other subrogation resources, please visit /solutions/subrogation/.


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Discovery Health Partners offers payment integrity solutions and analytics that help health plans and other healthcare organizations optimize revenue, improve cost avoidance, and operate more efficiently. Deep healthcare experience, combined with our strength in information management and technology, helps clients execute payment integrity processes faster, more accurately, and with trackable results.

Discovery Health Partners is a division of LaunchPoint, which was recently named the 100th fastest-growing company on the 2014 Inc. 500 list. LaunchPoint operates businesses that provide cloud-based analytic solutions and services for healthcare enterprises.

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