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COVID’s effect on ESRD premiums

In the past year, we’ve seen an increase in ESRD form submission errors because of COVID. The result is missed premiums for Medicare Advantage plans that manage members with ESRD.

New technologies drive Premium Restoration innovation

Innovations in AI and machine learning unlock opportunities to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and make healthcare more affordable. Discovery offers the best of both machine power and human power to help MA plans ensure the accuracy of CMS premiums.

Jason Brown on 2021 payment integrity market trends

With the long-standing impact the pandemic has made on the entire healthcare ecosystem, Discovery is keeping a close eye on payment integrity market trends to help customers drive efficiencies and manage costs in 2021.

Success with MSP and ESRD Premium Restoration

This blog explains the challenges with Medicare Secondary Payer and End-Stage Renal Disease and illustrates the value of premium restoration for health plans.

Data Mining FAQs

Answers to some of the common questions we get from health plans as they look to build or expand data mining capabilities for their organizations.

WANTED: new answer to growing COB problem

The old tried and true approach to coordination of benefits isn’t enough anymore. Discovery’s COB solution blends the right people, processes, and technology allowing our team and clients to work smarter rather than harder.

The evolving leadership role in healthcare

How healthcare leaders should think and act differently as the pandemic, the political environment, and social unrest continue to change the healthcare industry.

Discovery’s pandemic-style Halloween

Despite the limitations the pandemic brings to Halloween this year, Discovery remains committed to celebrating it’s employees.

Even a pandemic can’t stop the hackers

Despite the pandemic, hackers are busy stealing patient and personal data. Here’s a summary of recent cybersecurity breaches and tips for staying cybersecure.

End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) FAQs

Discovery addresses some of the frequently asked questions regarding End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and explains how ESRD validation works.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) FAQs

Discovery addresses some of the frequently asked questions around Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) validation and explains how Medicare Advantage plans can ensure accurate premiums from CMS.

DRG validation strategies for success

Research shows that the vast majority of medical bills contain errors—health plans can use DRG validation audits to improve the accuracy and validity of claims payments.

The impact of telehealth on clinical audits during COVID-19

Telehealth has become a lifeline during the pandemic, but the potential for improper coding and documentation is high. Health plans are wise to include telehealth claims in their clinical audit programs.

Your COB questions answered

As we meet with health plans across the country, we get asked about the COB process, vendor selection, and working with internal COB teams. We share some common questions and answers.