Award winner Christine Garcia knows accountability isn’t a solo act

One way that Discovery delivers on its core values of reliable results, trusted quality, and profound client value is by building a culture of accountability. Discovery has invested in a comprehensive accountability model based on the concept that when people take personal ownership of the company’s goals and accept responsibility for their own performance, they work at a higher level to ensure their own success and the company’s overall success. Each quarter, Discovery’s Accountability in Action award recognizes Discovery employees who demonstrate they have a stake in the company and who go above and beyond to contribute to the company’s key results by living the “what else can I do?” attitude.

This quarter’s Accountability in Action award recipient is Christine Garcia, Senior Director of Shared Services and Quality Management at Discovery. Christine received the award for implementing improvements that positively impact all four of Discovery’s Key Results for 2020. In her seven years with Discovery—starting as a legal assistant and working her way up through a variety of positions and departments—Christine has gained extensive knowledge of Discovery’s day-to-day processes. She has seen first-hand how each individual and team can impact clients. When Christine took over as head of Shared Services, she drew on that experience and immediately set to work to identify opportunities for improvements, including process efficiencies and incoming mail handling processes that better meet client expectations. She also invested time in employee communication and development, providing continuous support and promoting talented supervisors and team leads, whom she credits for helping her earn this award.

“I’m very honored to receive the Accountability in Action award, but I know it wasn’t a solo effort. The collaboration and teamwork of many talented people in the company helped get me here,” she says.

Christine also credits the company’s Accountability in Action program itself as a big part of her success. She notes that since the accountability program began, she has seen a significant shift away from emphasizing individuals’ roles and contributions and, instead, toward a more collaborative mindset. By tying accountability to key enterprise metrics, the program has made individuals more aware of their everyday impact.

“Accountability is everyone’s responsibility, and the program has actually made my job easier because everyone is in lockstep now and looking at everything they do with an eye on accountability. Discovery has done a great job of supporting this program and continuing to build a culture that challenges everyone to consider if what they are doing is truly contributing to our goals. This focus helps to evaluate improvements and implement ones that create a more positive impact,” Christine explains.

For Christine, having oversight of the call center, settlement and recovery processes, user acceptance testing for program enhancements, and quality auditing programs has helped her gain a more a holistic view of how individuals and team actions impact the entire organization. It has also created more transparency and enabled Christine to position herself as a go-to resource for many other departments. “The program encourages others to reach outside their given roles and share their skills and ideas when they see an opportunity,” she says.

Christine is currently a student in the Loyola School of Law Weekend Executive program, and she plans to use her Accountability in Action cash award and extra day off with pay toward her education. True to her views on personal accountability, says she will use her law degree to continue fighting healthcare waste, fraud, and abuse at Discovery. When she’s not studying, she enjoys creative outlets including music and art and spending time with her two cats and one golden retriever.

If you’d like to learn more about the steps to accountability and building this kind of culture at your organization, we recommend the book The Oz Principle.

Discovery Health PartnersAward winner Christine Garcia knows accountability isn’t a solo act

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