Accountability in Action award winner personifies hard work and positive attitude

Justin DeMoss was pretty surprised to find out he was Discovery Health Partners’ most recent Accountability in Action award winner. When the award was announced at the company’s quarterly meeting, Justin was away on vacation.

“All of a sudden my phone is blowing up with messages that said, ‘Hey, you won’ and ‘Congratulations,’” he says.

“It was a big surprise for me because I didn’t think I’d even be a finalist. It was certainly much appreciated. It means a great deal to me.”

The Accountability in Action award recognizes Discovery employees who go above and beyond to contribute to the company’s key results by living the “what else can I do?” attitude.

“With the accountability concept, everyone feels willing to say when they need help, and as a team we hold each other accountable,” says Justin. “The idea of accountability in action gives us more of a personal responsibility to raise our hand if we need help and we work together to fix it.”

“That’s the message I continue to demonstrate to our team as well as others I’ve worked with,” according to Justin. “If we see someone who is struggling, we hold out a hand to help them. We’re accountable to that person to help them get the job done.”

Discovery’s culture of accountability

Justin started with Discovery in 2019 and leapt at the chance to work with IT and the Development team on the company’s payment integrity platform, ReThink.

“ReThink is our internal auditing engine,” he explains. “It essentially sets the data up in a view so our auditors can look at it efficiently with some case logic to whittle down members’ claims in order to deliver the best potential cases for us to pursue. It makes auditing more efficient.”

Now a Supervisor of Content Development and Data Management, Justin manages a group of senior auditors. In addition to his supervisory role, he works cross-functionally with the IT, Implementations, and COB Operations teams, along with other key stakeholders, to develop ReThink client implementations and enhancements.

“I’m kind of the COB ‘boots on the ground’ kind of person, you could say. I work closely with my senior director Ron Jones, Coordination of Benefits Senior Manager Diana Rivas, and Coordination of Benefits Supervisor Nadia Zaragoza to get things done. I work with the senior auditors to develop content, perform testing within queries and categories, and verify auditing concepts are solid so we can move work into production.”

“Last quarter, I had the opportunity to work with Irena Trajkovski, the senior technical project manager for ReThink, who nominated me for the accountability award,” Justin shares. “She recognized the dedication and hard work I had put in to get a major platform update done.”

Justin shares credits with his coworkers

Justin gives credit to his fellow Discovery employees, including Ron Jones and Nadia Zaragoza.

“Ron trusted me and gave me the opportunity to run with ideas that I believed could add value for our clients. He has been a great mentor to me since I’ve been with Discovery. And Nadia was my supervisor before I was promoted. I’m not sure anyone works harder than Nadia, and there aren’t enough words to say how much I appreciate her.”

Team exemplifies grit

“When I started the ReThink project back in December of 2019, I felt comfortable knowing I could reach out to someone and say, ‘I’m having a little trouble with this query, could you help me out?’ They were always willing to teach me—not just to do it for me, but to show me why. That’s the Discovery culture. People here are always willing to show you and teach you something new,” Justin says.

“Everyone is very willing to pitch in, stick their neck out to try to help, and then collaborate to find the best solution.”

“Our team exemplifies grit. You could definitely call us gritty. I haven’t met one person here who wasn’t willing to get their hands dirty. Whether with something they had no knowledge of and they wanted to learn, or something they’re very knowledgeable about and wanted to teach others.”

“My team is great—and is one of the best things about working at Discovery,” says Justin. “I absolutely love all the people that I work with. They make this job so much better. We had morning standups every single day at 9:30 to talk about what’s up for the day with the ReThink project. Those 9:30 morning meetings with Irena and the whole IT team were always awesome because of the people.”

Finding the best solution together

“We’re all from different backgrounds,” explains Justin, “We’re willing to sit back and listen to input and then bounce it off each other. All our senior auditors each have about a decade of experience. We’ve been doing this a long, long, long time—we know the things to look out for. What was awesome was even when I first started, this team saw value in what I brought to the table and listened to my input.”

“Being able to work on the ReThink platform and helping develop that from a user standpoint is a big accomplishment,” Justin says. “I get to open up ReThink every day and see my fingerprints on it. I get to see the things I helped develop and the impact I’ve made to drive this team forward for the foreseeable future.”

Working productively remotely

“As a healthcare technology company, Discovery manages working remotely productively and flexibly,” says Justin.

“Though I miss the ability to turn around in my cubicles and ask someone to look at something, or pass someone in the hall and have that quick 2-minute conversation, or even talk about that game last night—working remotely has allowed me to see the personal side of my coworkers who are working from home.”

Justin lives near Louisville, Kentucky, with two dogs and a cat and admits that the coronavirus lockdowns have cut into two of his favorite hobbies—golfing and travelling.

“I’m sure people laugh at me now during videoconference meetings because I got a new puppy in October, and she’s running my life. Breezy, a Great Dane pup, loves to curl up in my lap, and every once in a while when we’re having a meeting, she decides to show her face. Everybody knows her already.”

“I’ll definitely be using my extra paid day off from this award for a golf outing,” he says, laughing.

Justin DeMoss is a Supervisor of Content Development and Data Management at Discovery Health Partners. Justin started with Discovery in 2019 and brings over a decade of experience in the insurance industry to his role.

Discovery has built a culture of accountability throughout the company and created a quarterly award to recognize employees that have a stake in the company and go above and beyond by living the “what else can I do?” attitude.

Congratulations to Q3 2020 Accountability in Action award runners-up!

Sami is able to not only recover more money than before, but he is endlessly coming up with diverse, creative and efficient ways to recover more funds for our clients.
Christine Garcia, Accountability in Action award runner-up
“Edgar consistently goes above and beyond to provide valuable support for resolving system and technology-related issues. His persistence and tenacity enable him to resolve things swiftly.”

If you’d like to learn more about the steps to accountability and building this kind of culture at your organization, we recommend the book The Oz Principle.

Discovery Health PartnersAccountability in Action award winner personifies hard work and positive attitude

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