Our story

Discovery Health Partners delivers payment and revenue integrity solutions, consulting, and analytics that solve the business challenges healthcare payers face as they try to maximize financial performance and member health.

Discovery was founded in 2008 by three world-class data experts—Terrence Ryan, Paul Vosters, and John Bair. After working together at Knightsbridge, a consulting firm that architected and built large, sophisticated data warehouses and analytics platforms—this team set out to identify a new opportunity that combined cutting-edge cloud technology with their deep expertise in information and analytics.

Our founders recognized that complex information management challenges for businesses were on the rise, especially for industries like healthcare and insurance where huge quantities of complex and sensitive data required sophisticated governance and analytics for insight and transparency. Major changes in healthcare, including the Affordable Care Act, demanded improved efficiency, performance, and transparency from healthcare payers and providers.

Our team tackles a major industry problem by addressing the quality of the claim payment transaction occurring between the payer and the provider, what is known as claim payment integrity. We estimate that 3-7% of paid health claims contain errors. In our $2.9 trillion healthcare marketplace, this represents a staggering amount of waste and inefficiency. Recovering these mispaid claims flows straight to the bottom line while even more value is realized in cost avoidance and premium restoration.

Our proven approach is built on:

  • Technology. Our next-generation solutions are built on our HIPAA-compliant, secure Healthcare Analytics Platform.
  • Client focus. Each client is partnered with an Account Manager who helps them navigate the complex intersection of data, technology, and healthcare.
  • Flexibility. Our consultative approach helps us identify how our solutions can serve each of our client’s unique needs.
  • Transparency. We offer visibility into each step of our approach, our process, and your results.
  • Results. We are committed to delivering measurable business impact for each of our clients.




Discovery Health PartnersOur Story