2018 NOPLG Conference

Discovery Health Partners is a bronze sponsor for the 2018 National Other Party Liability Group (NOPLG) Conference, April 17-20.


Date: April 17-20, 2018

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Join our team in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, to talk about the latest trends, best practices, and policy updates concerning COB, MSP, and Subrogation.

Our VP of Operations, Kathy Cortez, will speak Wednesday, April 18 on “A fresh look at subrogation operations.”

Very little has changed in the way healthcare subrogation has been managed over the past 30 years even while it has been part of one of the most dynamic markets in the U.S.—until now.  Enabling tools and technology have opened the door to innovation across the subrogation process—case identification, case workflow management, operational reporting, and management analysis. Kathy will talk about how you can rethink and revitalize your current subrogation operation by reexamining every component of the process for a better way to manage or execute. This presentation will draw on real-world examples in which new ways of doing subrogation have delivered measurable impact and empowered teams to work smarter.

At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

1. Recognize how technology and tools have evolved to improve efficiency and results in each stage of the subrogation process.

2. Understand how predictive analytics has been successfully applied to Case Identification to ensure promising cases are opened and prioritized.

3. See how an alternative team structure positively impacted production levels

4. Identify approaches for communicating with senior management regarding the results and benefits of a revitalized Subrogation program

The NOPLG is an organization of professionals who manage Other Party Liability (OPL) activities in Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Plans across the nation. The annual educational seminars are open to BCBS employees, BCBS subsidiary employees and BCBS OPL contractors.

Visit the NOPLG website for more information about the conference.

Discovery Health Partners2018 NOPLG Conference

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