Manage and improve claims payment outcomes when insurance benefits coverage should be coordinated with Medicare or other commercial Payers

As costs for employee medical insurance continue to grow, more health plans are adding Coordination of Benefits (COB) services to their cost containment strategies.  We augment internal COB programs by drawing upon our rich history as data experts and management consultants.  Our experience as healthcare cost containment experts shows that up to 10% of claims have coordination potential, making COB one of the most powerful strategies in the healthcare cost containment arsenal.  It is also one of the most challenging: rules and guidelines for determining the primary payer are complex, and modern family structures can be difficult to decipher.

If you have limited time to handle your more complicated COB cases, our automated data mining can pinpoint, manage, and improve these claims payment outcomes.

Full Service, SaaS and Flex COB Services

We offer a suite of COB services to address the varying needs of your member population.

  • Full Service COB>> From beginning to end, we will handle your entire supplemental COB process.
  • SaaS COB>> Manage your COB in-house using our proprietary web-based tools for identification, case management, and insight.
  • Flex COB>> Let us co-manage your COB depending on the support you need.

Flexibility is our hallmark

You can outsource your entire COB operation to us, manage it all in-house using our proprietary web-based applications, or choose both using a hybrid approach, wherein we manage part of your process.  This flexibility is part of our culture and you’ll see it in customization options for member communications, workflow options, and a variety of other ways.