Our solution

Discovery Health Partners’ Coordination of Benefits (COB) solution leverages our unique data mining and analytics capabilities to identify more opportunities for overpayment recovery. Our solution supplements our clients’ internal processes to pinpoint additional instances of other insurance coverage, maximize recoveries, and drive cost avoidance.

Our COB solution integrates all available member eligibility data sources, then applies client-specific data modeling, analytics, and mining. Our COB team verifies coverage status, recovers any overpayments, and updates eligibility data sources.

  • Supplement in-house COB processes and recoveries
  • Optimize COB performance in a no-risk model
  • Drive ongoing cost avoidance with accurate member data

Our technology

Discovery’s solutions are built on the Healthcare Analytics Platform, integrating powerful data, analytics, and business process capabilities.

HIPAA compliant

Advanced analytics

Industry-leading security

Insightful reporting

Cloud-based platform

Automated workflow

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COB solution drives measurable cost savings and millions of dollars in recoveries for three plans

See how our solution brings together advanced technology and best practices, delivered in partnership with our clients, to identify other insurance coverage, maximize recoveries, and drive ongoing cost avoidance.

Overview of Supplemental Coordination of Benefits services

With as much as 5% of total health plan membership having other health insurance coverage, paying claims incorrectly due to incomplete or inaccurate member eligibility data can have a multi-million dollar impact on your plan’s bottom line.

Webinar on Demand: How the latest Coordination of Benefits trends are impacting your plan

Join Discovery Health Partners’ payment integrity experts Paul Vosters, President, and Kathy Cortez, Vice President of Operations, as they discuss the benefits and challenges of today’s healthcare COB trends.

Five best practices to maximize recoveries and enhance cost avoidance through COB

While coordination can be complex, COB is one of the most powerful tools in a health plan’s overall payment integrity strategy.


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